When Pain Doesn’t Stop

When Pain Doesn’t Stop

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It seems the pain will never go away. Perhaps you have been in an automobile accident, or you had an accident at work that injured your back, or you damaged a nerve in your arm. Perhaps you suffer from an illness or disease that has left you with unending pain, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, or endometriosis. Now you’re left with chronic pain that seems to go on, day after day. It can feel as if it’s slowly driving you crazy. It may interfere with your everyday life, causing you to miss school or work, and disrupting relationships with family and friends.

What can you do? It turns out there are many options for chronic pain treatment. Whether you use modern science or natural remedies, you may find something just right for you.

The first line of defense of course, is using pain relievers. Over centuries, man has developed many medications to relieve pain, starting with aspirin, which was first produced in 1829 from the salicin extracted from willow bark. Morphine has been used for hundreds of years for treating chronic pain. In recent years, drugs such as fentanyl and hydrocodone have been developed to relieve pain for many. While many of these drugs have been godsends for individuals, they do not come without problems, such as addiction and the possibility of overdose, along with many side effects.

Chronic PainSome patients in constant pain  swear by natural or holistic treatments. Massage therapy is very popular, as are meditation and yoga. For minor chronic pain, something as simple as heat therapy in a hot tub or whirlpool or through the use of a heating pad may be beneficial. Others may take a more serious route, such as surgery or a permanent nerve block. Others seek relief through manipulation by chiropractors. Each of these treatments has its benefits, but the most important benefit is the one you feel.

Always consult your physician. She may refer you to a pain management clinic. These practitioners are experts in pain and its management. They can offer such relief as cortisone injections, physical therapy, or pain drug prescriptions.

It also helps to have a good outlook and not let chronic pain get you down. Going out for short periods of time to enjoy fresh air and sunshine can give you a whole new perspective. Be proactive about your chronic pain and you will be better for it!

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