Arthritis in the Knee: Causes and Treatm...

Arthritis in the Knee: Causes and Treatment

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Arthritis is a disorder that causes inflammation of. Arthritis occurs when the cartilage covering the bone starts to wear away, when the synovial fluid surrounding the cartilage is lacking, or by an infection or an autoimmune disease. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis. People who suffer from arthritis will suffer from varying degrees of pain, swelling, stiffness, and/or consistent aching around the joint.

Arthritis affects a number of joints. It is most commonly found in the knees, elbows, hips, hands, wrists, neck, and lower back.
One of the most common forms that afflicts people over the age of 55 is knee arthritis. Three different types of arthritis affect the knee. Osteoarthritis is the most common. This degenerative disease usually develops slowly as the cartilage wears away gradually. An inflammatory, joint-destroying form of arthritis is known as rheumatoid arthritis. This disease can affect people of all ages. Post-traumatic arthritis can occur after an injury to the joint. This can take years after the injury to develop. It will mostly resemble osteoarthritis.

Arthritis knee pain can vary from mild to severe. Pain usually starts when the knee is in use, but as arthritis progresses, the pain can be constant, even while at rest. Without the protective cartilage surrounding the knees, mobility becomes an issue. It’s hard to climb steps or even walk much. Developing knee arthritis can come from a number of factors. It can come from heredity, being overweight (which adds stress on the joints), weak muscles, injury, cold climate, and getting older.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for knee arthritis. Once cartilage is gone, the human body cannot regrow it to the desired level. However, there are some things that can be done to effect arthritis knee pain relief. Medication, whether it’s over-the-counter or by prescription, may help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. While it may seem counterintuitive, exercise is important. It helps to strengthen the muscles and improves flexibility and range of motion. Working with a physical therapist can also be beneficial to effectively exercise the knee without causing further damage to the joint. Using a brace around the knee can help keep it supported. A cane can act as an aid to help take some pressure off of the knee joints when walking.

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