Finding Relief for Arthritis Pain

Finding Relief for Arthritis Pain

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Arthritis pain has a profound effect on the lives of those who suffer from this chronic condition. Missing out on favorite activities, being unable to tend to normal, everyday tasks, and suffering from crippling arthritis pain symptoms can deeply affect someone’s quality of life. Even though there’s no cure for arthritis, there are ways to find arthritis pain relief. In addition to following the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor, these steps can help you find relief from arthritis pain.

Exercise and Movement

When you’re in pain, the last thing you want to do is move around. But certain forms of exercise can help reduce your pain. Tai chi, yoga, Pilates, and other stretching exercises can help loosen your joints, relieve pain, and increase your mobility.

Hot or Cold Treatments

Arthritis PainBoth heat and cold help arthritis pain, but the treatment you use will depend on the symptoms you’re experiencing. If you’re experiencing pain, it’s best to use cold packs on the painful joints. When stiffness and an achy feeling occur in your muscles and joints, use hot packs to bring relief.

Effective Lifestyle Changes

Being overweight puts a lot of pressure on your joints. It isn’t always easy to lose weight, but it’s an important part of being healthy. A decrease of 250 calories per day coupled with exercise can help you lose one pound per week. Each pound lost takes pressure off arthritic joints.

Alternative Treatment Options

In addition to traditional treatments for pain relief, alternative treatments can also aid in relieving pain from arthritis. Acupuncture and massage can both provide relief when you have limited mobility due to stiff, achy joints and muscles.

Things to Avoid

You can avoid certain things to help reduce arthritis pain in your joints. If you smoke or use tobacco, stop using it. The toxins found in tobacco products affect the connective tissues in your body and can aggravate your arthritis condition.

If you suffer from any form of arthritis, finding effective arthritis pain relief is an important part of your life. Quality of life shouldn’t have to be compromised or reduced because of the presence of arthritis. Although you may have to alter some aspects of your life, the relief you gain from arthritis pain symptoms will allow you to pursue activities that enrich your life and relationships.

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