Neuropathy Pain

The Causes and Treatments of Neuropathy Pain

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Neuropathy is damage that affects the peripheral nervous system, which has been caused by trauma or illness. Polyneuropathy is the most frequent type that affects the waist below. Neuropathy is categorized by the cause or fiber size. When the cause cannot be found, the condition is known as idiopathic. Pain is the most well-known symptom of the disease. Neuropathy symptoms vary based on the nerve type and location in the body.

Neuropathy usually includes various symptoms like pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, twitching and sensory loss. One or a collection of nerves can be damaged, which affects walking and balance. Sensory nerve damage brings about pain and numbness. Autonomic damage leads to uncontrollable symptoms, like irregular heart rate, decreased perspiration and incontinence. Diseases, ineffective surgeries and spine injuries are common contributors to the pain.

Neuropathy PainMononeuropathy involves damage caused to one nerve only. The most frequent cause is nerve compression. A common symptom is the feeling of pins and needles. Moving the limb or nerve relieves the pain. When the nerve is injured, inflamed or cut off from blood circulation, mononeuropathy occurs.

Polyneuropathy is more serious than mononeuropathy because it usually affects a large area of nerves. Polyneuropathy affects different areas of the body. As a result, problems appear all over the body. In many cases, the impairments show up first and foremost in the feet. The affected person has trouble walking and standing. Incontinence and erectile dysfunction are also reported.

Diabetes and reduced glucose management are significant causes of polyneuropathy. Drugs, alcohol, toxins, infections and nutritional deficiencies are other causes. Most polyneuropathies develop slowly over time, but rapid forms occur. Blood glucose levels that spike suddenly can damage nerves. For some people, small fiber neuropathy formed because of glucose intolerance. If signs are found early, the effects are reversible.

Neuropathy pain treatment is designed to remove or manage the cause, build muscle strength and remove or manage symptoms. Nerve pain relief comes in different forms, such as pills, food and supplements. Alpha lipoic acids are nutrients that promote natural healing. Diabetics should consult a medical provider because blood sugar levels are changed. In addition to medication, a healthy diet and exercise plan reduces the development of neuropathy pain.

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