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Hip Pain: Possible Treatments

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The best treatment for joint pain in the hip depends on the condition causing the problem and how severe it is. With acute injuries, it is very important to reduce the inflammation in the area, which can be done with anti-inflammatory medication, rest, and icing. Physiotherapy can also help reduce the pain in the hip and stop the pain from occurring again in the future. Other potential treatments include injections of cortisone or even surgery.

Before seeking hip pain relief, it is important to understand the condition that is causing the problem. A treatment needs to target the underlying cause, or else it will not have any beneficial effect on the injury; it could even make it worse. Treatment also differs depending on whether the pain is acute or chronic. In the former, cold therapy is necessary while the latter better responds to heat therapy. Because the hip is so complex, it is almost always necessary to have a physician examine it.

With most acute injuries, the first thing to do is stop inflammation because this expedites healing and reduces pain. There are several ways to do this; rest and avoiding activities that aggravate the joint are the most important. Icing the area for about 20 minutes at a time several times throughout the day is also good for lessening the swelling.

After a physician diagnoses the cause of the pain, physiotherapy can begin. A standard program involves stretching the muscles that are tight while performing some strengthening exercises to achieve better muscular balance. Typically, physiotherapy will not instantly achieve relief, so it is important to continue the routine consistently for several months. Other techniques may be included to treat the hip pain as well.

Some anti-inflammatory medication may also help decrease the swelling around the affected hip. If the pain in the hip is due to inflammation or a bursa (a small sack that contains fluid) in the joint,  it may be necessary to get a cortisone injection as a form of treatment. This is also a common course of treatment for arthritis that is causing the hip pain.

Though surgery is a possible treatment for hip pain, it is considered a last-resort option. For minor issues, it can be effective to get keyhole surgery. However, when it is badly damaged, it may be necessary to replace the hip.

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