Hemorrhoids Pain

Overview of Hemorrhoid Pain

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When hemorrhoids arise in the rectal area, they can be painful to deal with. In fact, hemorrhoids develop in physical structures that normally allow the body to proceed with stool expulsion as proficiently as possible. When these structures become engorged, however, most men and women will be unable to go to the bathroom without experiencing significant discomfort. Because hemorrhoids can be present internally or externally, people will need to be examined by a specialist in the field. If the external structures have become so swollen that they are causing immense pain, specialists may be able to remove them surgically so that the discomfort can be relieved.

Many people will also notice that their hemorrhoids, besides inducing general pain, can become quite itchy from time to time. Both constipation and diarrhea, in fact, can cause changes to the vascular structures that will make the symptoms worse. Most people will want to use a medicated cooling gel that will soothe the target area. Most such gels contain chemical compounds that will decrease the inflammation itself. When the swelling can be kept to a minimum, daily bowel movements will be much easier to deal with. People who have allergic reactions to certain gels should let their physicians know at the next appointment.

Hemorrhoids Once patients have taken note of their hemorrhoids pain symptoms, they can do a few different things to prevent the condition from growing worse. If the hemorrhoids are still small, dietary changes may help quite a bit. As a general rule, people should eat foods that are high in fiber. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will all be good choices. Likewise, staying hydrated will also be vital. Most sufferers should try to drink eight glasses of water each day. This extra liquid will nourish the body’s tissues and keep the hemorrhoids from growing out of control.

If the hemorrhoids pain is accompanied by bleeding, then sufferers need to be especially careful. In fact, such bleeding could be an indication that there is something wrong further up in the colon. In these cases, specialists may schedule a colonoscopy so that they can look for polyps within the colon walls. If polyps are found in the walls, they can be removed before they become cancerous. Pregnant women who develop hemorrhoids will have to see a physician regularly to ensure that they are not losing too much blood.

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