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What Is Causing Your Back Pain?

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Back pain can be caused by a variety of injuries, illnesses, and ailments, and it affects millions of people every single year. Trying to figure out your own back pain symptoms can help you determine why you have back pain, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from happening again. Everyone experiences different types of back pain. Trying to learn about the specific symptoms so that you can diagnose your pain will give you a better chance of having the right diagnosis and treatment that you need.

Back pain symptoms can range from mild to moderate to severe. Mild back pain symptoms include dull aches, tenderness, discomfort, occasional sharp pains, and pain after certain activities. Moderate back pain symptoms include numbness, tingling, chronic aching, sharp pains that last long, and pain that is bad during all activities. Severe pain symptoms include a dull pain that continues constantly, pain in the legs, chest, and other areas of the body, numbness, sharp constant pain, and the inability to finish basic activities such as sitting, standing, or walking.

Back PainAlong with knowing what the symptoms are, if there are other symptoms that you experience at the same time, you should see a doctor. Back pain is fairly common, but it can also be a sign that some other type of illness or condition is going on such as kidney stones, kidney disease, shingles, and more. If the symptoms are mild, see if they lessen after a day or so; if not, seek medical attention. Don’t assume that it is not a big deal as this can cause more permanent damage.

Pain come and goes, and often something that you think may be just a minor problem is the beginning of something really big. This is why you have to be careful when self-diagnosing the pain. Those who are at higher risk are people who are in poor shape or unhealthy and those who work at jobs involving hard labor or lifting heavy objects. This does not mean that those who do not have a strenuous job will not have back pain, but their symptoms may come and go away more as the problem corrects itself.

Always pay special attention to how the pain feels, how severe it is, and how often it occurs. Remember that pain in the back can feel different from one person to the next. If you feel that the problem is not going away, always make an appointment to see your doctor.

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